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The objectives of Triathlon Zimbabwe are: to function as the National Federation for Triathlon, Aquathlon and Duathlon and other related multi-sports in Zimbabwe, and to represent Zimbabwe internationally.

Triathlon is a multi disciplined sport that involves swimming, cycling and running, one after the other and in that order. You will require a helmet to participate and it is very important to have this to minimize any possible injury to your head during the cycle stage.
Helmets are available to borrow for the race. It is better to use swimming goggles to help see better in the water and once out of the swim you MUST race in a top of some sort, for girls a costume and boys a vest T-shirt or race tunic. You can use a BMX, Mountain or Racing Cycle but it must have working brakes, secure saddle and handles bars. It will be checked prior to any race for you own safety as will your helmet. You must wear shoes for the cycle and run sections.

There are a number of fun minis and longer events to enter in the season and each event has TRI-KIDZ and TRI-SPORT race for those under the age of 11 or unsure about Triathlon. These events are highlighted on our calendar. There are also series points races for the more serious and they also cater for the fun athletes at the same time.
Should you need more information do not hesitate to ask any official.


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